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Whether you’re delivering a pre-sales pitch, showcasing a feasibility study, or introducing a new automation concept to key decision-makers, compelling visuals elevate your credibility. Enodo Robotics brings you a new service that allows you to combine the power of RobotStudio with the striking rendering capabilities offered by the openUSD format. Start producing photo-realistic renderings of your RobotStudio projects today – to stand out, impress your customers, and grow your sales.

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You can produce stunning renderings of your RobotStudio simulations without any changes to your normal workflow. All that is needed is a RobotStudio project file, our experts will handle the rest.

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Feature highlights


When you make your order, you describe what you’d like to focus on, desired camera movements and other aspects of the rendering. After seeing the draft, you can make requests for changes.

Our software converts your RobotStudio simulation to a openUSD file (a versatile 3D scene representation format developed for the animation industry). This makes it possible to use a variety of modern ray-tracing renderers. Our software also replaces the robot meshes with more detailed versions, yielding more realistic appearance. Finally, an animator opens the USD file in a separate rendering software framework, adds additional assets, materials, camera movements as requested and produces the requested videos and/or still images.

We understand that learning to use new 3D animation and rendering tools can be daunting. That’s why we offer the whole process as a service. You send us your rspag file and we deliver your renderings.

We normally deliver within two business days.

Your project files are treated as confidential information and deleted after project finalization.

Yes, we offer licensing and training on the software components and process to produce your own renderings. Contact us for more details.

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