We believe in, and want to help bring about, a future with radically increased usage of robots across industries and applications. We have made it our mission to empower users and builders of robotic solutions with software tools and services that catalyze and facilitate the adoption and expansion of robotics.

We are optimists, explorers and engineers. We thrive in the intersection of cutting edge research and applications that produce real value to customers. An important guiding principle for our activities is that we always seek for product and project oppurtunities where our contribution genuinely makes a difference. In practice, this means that we always work in close collaboration with customers and partners – we know robotics technology,  and you know your application and industry. Successful automation projects require both.

Our office is located vibrant Västerås, the robotics capital of Sweden, and with this as our base we serve customers worldwide.


Klas Kronander

Klas holds a PhD in Robotics from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland. After earning his PhD, Klas spent several years building software and algorithms that enable new robotics applications in industries such as logostics and industrial assembly. Prior to co-founding Enodo Robotics he was Staff Roboticist at Google X in Mountain View.


Johan Relefors

Johan earned his PhD in Theoretical Physics from Lund University, Sweden. He then spent several years developing advanced robotics applications at the intersection between industry and academia. Prior to co-founding Enodo Robotics, Johan was at Robotdalen, Mälardalen University, Sweden. 

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