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Industrial robotics has been a critical tool to bolster competitiveness and driving innovation and productivity in large volume production sectors for decades. In recent years, robotics is increasingly being adopted in new industries. Robots are no longer reserved only for high volume production: Today it is possible to build flexible robot applications allowing you to achieve attractive ROI’s even for low volume / highly varying production needs. We can help your company get there.

Our team combines a robust research background with solid experience designing and developing innovating robotics solutions for novel applications. We excel in identifying potential risks and recommending effective strategies when introducing robotics to new fields.

Successfully developing automation requires intimate process knowledge as well as expertise in choosing and applying the relevant technologies. Therefore, these kinds of projects are in our experience most likely to succeed if done in close collaboration between technology experts and process experts.  

We offer tailored engagements helping you plan and realize your next automation solution. Examples of services rendered to date include

  • Feasibility studies of new automation scenarios and applications.
  • Strategic advice for adopting robotics in new industries and applications.
  • Custom software solutions for advances robotics applications

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Case study: Automatic program generation for reinforcement assembly


Software developed by Enodo Robotics automatically generates robot programs for assembling rebar cages using only a 3d model of the cage as input.
The absence of manual programming makes low volume manufacturing possible.

Assembling reinforcement is a heavy and dangerous job that is often a bottleneck at construction sites. This led Skanska to initiate a collaboration with ABB on how to automate the fabrication of rebar cages. In this innovative project spanning multiple years envisions the prefabrication of rebar cages using robots. Such a solution has the potential not only to remove work-place hazards, but also to shorten construction time for large infrastructure projects.

In 2020 a consortium comprising Skanska, ABB and Husqvarna formed and received funding from Vinnova and Trafikverket to produce prototype for flexible rebar assembly. Enodo Robotics and Robotdalen were contracted as technology developers.

Enodo Robotics coordinated the technical development of this project, and developed the software that automatically generates robot programs based on a CAD model of the rebar cage to be built. All robot motions are completely auto-generated and collision free, achieved with application-specific offline planning algorithms and a digital twin developed by Enodo Robotics. No manual programming or touch-ups are required, successfully demonstrating how path planning can be a key enabler for high mix production scenarios.

Seeing computer generated robot paths running on a real robot controller for the first time, narrowly avoiding collisions while assembling rebars to form a cage, was a special moment in this project.

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